Bias FX and 4 cables method

  • Hi,

    I searched the forum but couldn't find a clear answer so, I hope I searched well and am not posting an already answered question.

    I want to use Bias FX in an IPad with 4 cables method.
    So, I wish to know if, with the appropriate audio interface (2 ins, 2 outs), I can assign a first set of effects between in1 and out 1 and the a second between in2 and out 2?
    In other terms, is there a way to have or simulate an effects loop in bias fx?
    For obvious reasons, I wish to know that before i buy the audio interface ;)

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  • Typically '4-cable method' is used to integrate a pre/amp within a hardware modeler to take advantage of the modeler's on-board FX + I/O and the physical amp's pre/power amps.

    Bias FX for iOS is a standalone application (you can't use multiple instances) and regardless of the interface, I can't see how you'd do be able to do this -- unless you have a different definition of 4-cable method than I do. I had an inkling you might be able to create a virtual FX loop with Bias FX's IAA module and ApeMatrix (plus interface) but I checked the documentation and I'm 99% certain you can't do it.

    If you have a laptop, you could do it with the desktop version and multiple instances of the plug-in depending on your DAW/Interface.

    What exactly are you trying to achieve and what interface + amp are you trying to integrate?

  • @vaultnaemsae Well, I want to use some pedals at the begining of the chain (whammy, chorus...) and some other in the effect loop (after the preamp).
    That's how 4 cables method works when using a multi effect, for example.

    Perhaps I can do something by using stereo mode and spliting the signal.

  • The first thing that comes to mind is to use two apps -- e.g. Bias FX and Tonestack. Use one in front and one behind your real amp's FX loop integrated with an interface. It will be mono.

    CABLE 1: Guitar --> Interface [IN 1] -- iPad Bias FX in AUM channel 1. (IN ch1, OUT ch1)
    CABLE 2: Interface [OUT 1] --> Amp's instrument in
    CABLE 3: Amp's FX send out -->Interface [IN 2] -- iPad Tonestack in AUM channel 2 . (IN ch2, OUT ch2)
    CABLE 4: Interface [OUT 2] --> to Amp's FX return -- monitor with the amp's speaker.

    So I guess 2 in/2 out will do it. This is all assuming that you want to use it for live purposes and not recording. Disclaimer: I haven't tried this...I'm just hypothesizing. There might be a mess of cables and potential ground loop issues but if your amp is that good it might be an interesting experiment.

    Another idea, two iOS devices and two 1 in/1 out interfaces (like OMEC teleport) could do it...but that seems overkill, maybe.

    Also, both of these methods could potentially introduce latency.

  • @vaultnaemsae I think its worth giving it a try ;)
    Thanks for the idea