Plugins for Pro Tools on PC Desktop

  • The only files I see in the download area for Plugins, either Bias Amp or Bias FX (2) or pedals are for mac (under the "mac OS" column). PC column only lists 32 or 64 bit versions of standalone. I am on a desktop PC , have elite versions of both, run pro tools, and as much as I like the standalone versions, protools plugin versions would be Very Useful to me. All the documentation I can find seems to assume that the PC desktop Pro Tools plugin(s) are a real thing, so why can I not find a download for PC version? Am I missing something here?

  • @scottlee The PC downloads are packaged with VST, that you'll be able to use with ProTools and other DAW's, and standalone.
    Just choose 32 or 64 bit and download it.


  • Aha, so when I install the standalone it also sees Pro Tools and installs the correct plugins; stellar! I verified this by opening Pro Tools and finding the plugins under "harmonic". Thanks for the quick reply, I thought I must be missing something, should have looked for the plugin accessibility before I asked, just assumed the standalone was only/just that..