BIAS RACK / HEAD independent output volumes for Speaker Out, Line Out and Headphone

  • Hello,

    i im looking for a possibility to control the output volumes of the AMP rack.
    To be more precisely i would like to set different output volumes to the SPEAKER OUT, the LINE-OUT and the HEADPHONE-OUT.

    Further i'm aksing myself, if there is any possibility to make the LINE OUT volume independently and send always the maximal possible signal for FOH (like the signal which is coming out of the SEND).

    I'm using the following setup:

    BIAS AMP RACK SPEAKER OUT --> Guitar Cabniet for stage monitoring (needs be controllable on BIAS RACK)

    BIAS AMP RACK LINE OUT ---> Signal for FOH and in ear monitoring
    (needs a constant level and is controlled at the FOH sound mixer, otherwise the technican gets crasy if i change the volume of speaker out to often)

    BIASAMP RACK HEADPHONE OUT --> not very important for me, because of IEM over line out and mixer, but would be really nice to have the opportunity to set a different volume.

    Like this:


    BIAS AMP is set to (edit:) parallel serial mode (blue LED) because i need CAB-Simulation on LINE OUT (for FOH and IEM), but no simulation on SPEAKER OUT.

    I would be happy to find a solution with your support. Greetings

  • This is not possible. You can't also use the effect loop and the last EQ in the Signalchain of Bias Amp2 to tweak your sound! PG is not interested to change anything! This Problems are known since 2016. No Update or Firmwarechange at all. No comment from PG! Many users are very disappointed about the Situation! Me too!

    On a Kemper or a Line 6 unit, you can change the Volume for every Output. You also have a seperate EQ for all Outputs. It can't be that hard for a Software Company like PG to change this.

  • Am I right, that the BIAS Mini can handle different settings of volumes?

    How is the volume setting implemented there? I Like the BIAS RACK and the possibilities. A firmewareupdate could improve the few things which are not optimal yet and increase the sales of the rack / head by good cutomer promotion.

    maybe we can get some attention from the programming team after they are done with the spark stuff.

  • Can you use a load box Torpedo Captor Reactive, or maybe even a passive cab simulator like the Friedman Mic No Mo to get the desired result? There are direct links from amp to cab on these boxes, with XLR outputs. I want to do the same thing, but I'm running into the same issues described. My situation would be running the output into an audio interface that runs my in-ears. There are warnings on the passive cab sim boxes that say to never run it without the proper load on it, which worries me because it would be a live-in piece of equipment, i.e. the rack is turned on, but the load/speaker isn't connected yet. I'm wondering if the load box would be better bc it would guarantee the proper load on it, even if the speaker isn't connected yet.

  • The thought to fit another device behind the Bias Rack cannot be reconciled with my ideas of how an all-in-one device should work.

    The Bias Rack is able to do and emulate everything. In my opinion it is not necessary to use a separate load box with box simulation.

    To help you out with the load problem:
    the load on an amp is only important if you use a real tube amp.
    The Bias AMPs (and other digital amps) do not need a specific load. Or a load at all.
    Only thing that changes is the efficiency (power) of the output in conclusion to the different resistance values.
    But please no short circuit on the power output connection ;)