• "Bug Fixes"

     Fixed "UI issue of Les Rotary HD"
     Fixed "BIAS FX 2 Standalone crashes when Windows Sound Input & Output settings don't match"
     Fixed "Editing preset results in crash"

    So the SW team thinks an update correcting the UI of the Rotary Speaker is more important than an update that corrects a bug that renders the scenes useless since the last version?

    Mixer and splitter aren't working in scenes. You can't switch scenes and have a different volume for a lead, or split and pan amps anymore. Useless!

  • @npnaia I can confirm that mixer and splitter settings don't save in scenes--they always revert back.
    I never tried changing them for scenes before. Did the mixer and splitter settings used to save in each scene? If so, how long ago did that change?

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    We're aware of this issue, and this is an UI issue since the sound is correct/saved, we'll address this bug in the next update, thanks

  • Hi
    Cant update on Mac OS Catalina.
    Because apple can't check the software .

    Is this normal ?


  • Moderator

    @marcelvsburg You can try going to System Preferences-> Security & Privacy to allow the installer

  • Thanks. That worked.

    Thank you