• The idea of the Tonecloud is genius. I think other companies should adapt the concept of allowing users to create and share on the level that Positive Grid has. That said, I think it should be a more prominent part of their focus now going forward. I'm sure it's been talked about, but simple features added would go a long way. Expand user profiles in a way to focus on the user just as much as the tone. I envision a tight knit community of "ToneBuilders" using the various software & expansions.

    The likes and comments are great, but filtering would be nice. Maybe a script that filters a "Tone of the day" page, or something to that extent based on number of likes. Maybe the ability to upload song files with the tone to preview how it sounds within a mix. Lots of lucrative possibilities, both financially and regarding building and maintaining a user base.

    I could go on for days, but if anyone knows of anything in the works and could tag me that would be super appreciated!