How to set up Korg EXP-2 MIDI expression pedal with Bias FX 2 Pro?

  • I just acquired a Korg EXP-2 MIDI expression pedal and i simply can't use it with Bias FX 2 Pro.
    I'm using a Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 interface on a PC with Windows 10.
    Everytime i look in Bias to assign a CC value to a knob or whatever i just get the "No midi input signal detected"
    I also find it weird that in my audio settings in Bias, at the very bottom i do not have any field that specifies "Active Midi Inputs" right under Audio Buffer Size. I have the expression pedal connected through the audio interface since i really can't imagine how else would this work - yet nothing. Can someone please help?

  • @octakhan Expression pedals are adjuncts to MIDI controllers, not MIDI controllers themselves. So, you'd need the expression pedal plugged into the expression port of a real MIDI controller (like a keyboard or footswitch MIDI controller) in order for it to work.
    I'm confused as to how you have it plugged into your interface, seeing as how the pedal itself is 1/4" out and your 2i2 has no MIDI interface. If you've plugged it into one of the inputs, take it out!

    Since your Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 doesn't have a MIDI interface, you won't be able to use a MIDI controller through it. You could look for a small USB MIDI foot controller that has an expression pedal output (like the Logidy UMI3). You could then connect your pedal to it, and connect the controller to your computer via USB. Then you'd be able to use the expression pedal, and have the added bonus of a foot controller that you could assign things to as well.