Sample rate change in Bias FX 2 changes tone!

  • I demo'd the software with a friend and when we switched from 44KHz to 48, the tone changed dramatically. TH-U and other modelers don't do this. Anyone try this? Scary.

  • @jon I've never tried this.. in what way does the tone change dramatically? For the better?

  • @redspecial62 It fattens up at 48K. I dare say adds the beef a bit to a metal chug. Something is wrong here; it's not a feature. It would be fascinating to see what the programmers say. It is very odd.

    I use a Scarlett Solo, and when you change the rate in Bias FX, it changes in the system setup for the Solo, too, so it's not a mismatch thing. 44K just sounds thin and very different, like using 6-inch speakers or something. But many folks operate there, so what gives?

    Win 7. Happens identically with my Line 6 TonePort, as well. Does not happen with other software, like TH-U, Amplitube 4 or Scuffam software.