HELP -> Infinite loading screen in reaper (Bias FX 2)

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    I've been having issues since updating my FX 2. I used to be able to just select the FX 2 VST in Reaper (DAW). It would launch the GUI and everything would be ready to go. Unfortunately after the update I've been experiencing either a freezing GUI or infinite loading screen. Anyone else had this happen?

    I've tried the following:

    • Turning my laptop on/off (+ messing with Audio Interface)
    • In Reaper searching for VST's hoping it would update the VST list (maybe the Bias FX 2 item is linked to my previous version?)
    • Submitting a ticket through their support page (I only just did this a few minutes ago)

    Anyone else got the same problem using ANY daw?

    *Inserts picture of loading screen
    alt text

  • @beer-baardse Quick update:

    The 32 bit version seems to be working as of now. The 64 bit version should also work, as it did work on the previous patch.

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  • I had this issue after the update. I found that deleting the \Documents\PositiveGrid\BIAS_FX2 folder and then restarting the application fixed the problem.