Sonoma WireWorks Guitar Jack Stage

  • Anyone here using the Sonoma WireWorks Guitar Jack Stage with Bias FX2 / Amp2 Desktop? I'm using Windows 10.

    While I CAN get the knobs to control functions in Bias FX2 properly... I am having some issues with the footswitches.

    It seems that on the Guitar Jack Stage... When you press a footswitch, it sends a MIDI command... And when you release the sends another MIDI command... So in essence... If you assign this to a pedals "Toggle On / Off" the pedal disables when you press...and enables when you release.

    If you assign the footswitches to Bank + / - and Patch + / - that when you press the footswitch (for "Bank +" for example) it increments to the next Bank...and then when you release the increments to the next essence jumping two Banks...skipping one.

    ( does work for changing Scenes...which is nice)

    Positive Grid Support says this is the function of the Guitar Jack Stage since it is sending MIDI commands on press and release...which I get...

    Curious if anyone has found a way around this issue...or knows of a MIDI tool which might allow for some type of MIDI filtering to correct this?



  • @Mike

    PG should accommodate MIDI boards that work this way. Not every board does send on press only type of message on a footswitch. Most flexible MIDI plugins/devices have a way to specify in the receiver to ignore a redundant signal or to only toggle on a specific value (or both).

  • Yeah...PG -should- support this...but they said they do not... I'm still waiting for Sonoma WireWorks to get back to me on the issue. It seems that they have software for iOS that gives more control with MIDI mapping... But apparently not for Windows...

    I also connected a Dunlop XL volume / expression pedal to the device and I can get it to control a wah or volume pedal in FX2 but when I push the pedal all the way up... The FX2 pedal effect only goes about half-way up... And I don't think there is a way in FX2 to calibrate an expression pedal... But if there is...I would love to know that...


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    I'll definitely take your suggestions to our product team, thanks!

  • A2

    Here was my setup of GJS with LBX Stripper and Bias FX. Worked pretty well!!!

  • Thanks for that, pretty cool.

    For now, I'm just going to use the GJS to switch between Scenes in Bias FX Desktop as that works...the LED's on the GJS don't light up to let me know where I'm at, but that's not a huge deal.

    I'm curious if the Harley Benton MP-500 / MeloAudio Tone Shifter Mega would work better, but would not want to run into the same issues with that.

    Oh well.

  • At the risk of being banned from the Forum for mentioning a competing product....I did some testing with the Sonoma Wire Works Guitar Jack Stage last night with Peavey Revalver 4 and it behaved the same way. In addition, Revalver 4 does not even give you the ability to change what MIDI Channel / CC Message it is "listening" to in the "GIG Mode" to switch between Rack Revalver 4 is even less capable in that respect than Bias FX2.

    It would just be great if Sonoma Wire Works had a utility that allowed us to change (in Windows) some of the functionality and Channel / CC messages that the GJS sends out so that it is more flexible and can be used with more systems.

    I know that my Line 6 HD-500X allows this and I have used it to control both Bias FX2 and Peavey Revalver successfully.

    I may try the GJS with Native Instruments Guitar Rig tonight if I have time...curious if it behaves the same way.