Combing Apps for iPhone signal paths

  • Ok this topic will be a bit tricky as it really only pertains to iPhone users. iPad can just simply use bias fx to achieve a dual rig with two bias amp models.

    I think there could be a trick to be able to do this in iPhone but you would need to combine apps.

    The reason for this experiment is because I believe that bias has the best amp models on iOS. But JamUp does not have stereo fx. And on iPhone you can use dial amp rig with bias models. You could use other app models in combination with bias but not both bias.

    Also you need to get pedals before the amp. So you can't say: load aum with 2 with jamup using a bias amp mode and one with bias on its own. Doesn't work that way.

    But there are two instances of jamup in the App Store right? So could you theoretically get both jamup apps and then load bias amp models into both apps?

    Does the amp algorithm change depending if you are using jam up vs bias amp app?

    This will be my journal to find out stuff. Please add if you have your own experiences testing stuff like this