iRig Stomp I/O with bias fx mobile

  • Hello - I read a few posts around bias fx and compatibility with the iRig stomp io. I'm assuming, it will work with the Essential version of the mobile app with the MIDI support. Just want to double check anyone's experiences before purchasing. Thanks!

  • I've been using iRig Stomp I/O with Bias FX mobile (Ultimate license) playing live for a year and it works great. I can assign any function/pedal to the four switches, including muted tuner, and the virtual stomp functionality on the expression pedal can enable/disable the wah and volume pedals inside Bias FX for quick use on stage. Took just a little bit of reading of iRig Stomp I/O and Bias FX manuals and figuring out how I wanted each preset to be set up. Once you know the different MIDI assignments inside the Stomp, linking them to Bias is simple and can be saved globally or per preset.

  • @tdrake28 thanks

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