BIAS FX2 - Changing Presets with MIDI in Ableton

  • Hi All,

    I've done a fair bit of searching but can't find an answer that seems to work! I have got the Ableton bit covered I think, but perhaps through my lack of understanding Bias FX, can't get this thing to work.


    I have Bias FX set up on an audio channel where I intend to use pedals only (BTW can you remove the amps from the signal chain at all? I can turn them off but can't get rid of them!!). this signal is bussed into two audio channels which hold different instances of Scuffham S-Gear - So a virtual version of the real world if you like: Guitar>Pedals>Amp

    I have Ableton MIDI clips setup with program change data, I can fire these off and they change the presets on S-Gear (I intend to use this live at some point, so will use a MIDI foot controller) What I would like is to have Bias FX work in the same way, I.e. respond to program changes in the MIDI clips. I've set this up exactly the way I have for S-Gear, but Bias FX does not respond - My suspicion is I've missed something in Bias as I'm a new user.

    I'd love to hear your suggestions/work arounds if there are any and comments generally on changing presets via MIDI.

    I see in the settings menu you can assign CCs to patch up/down bank up/down, but I can't see a way to address a specific patch.