Unable to set Mono->Stereo

  • Hi all. I do like what BIAS can do so far. However, one little niggle that seems to persist is being unable to take a mono input from my Scarlet Solo interface and change it into a stereo output. It works sometimes but not all, and when it does work one channel of the resultant stereo is super quiet, one super loud. This makes the biggest difference when I'm using a dual signal chain and wanting the left to sound slightly different to the right. It just doesn't work. Everything is still basically mono sounding.

    I've set input to mono, output to stereo. Nope, didn't work. Input to mono, output to mono, nope. Input to stereo, output to mono, again no. Input to stereo, output to stereo. You guessed it, nope. That's when setting input to stereo doesn't result in the whole app crashing.

    I see that in BIAS FX 1 there was an actual simple option in the settings for Mono to Stereo which doesn't seem to be there in FX 2, you have to go in the settings and mess with the input/output devices. Is there a reliable, functional way of getting a mono input to a stereo output?

  • @rockin-trucker When using a dual amp setup, use the panning on the mixer post-speaker to separate the signals left and right.


  • @myxolydian Hi, I've done that on the few occasions I've actually been able to get a stereo signal created, but I basically get 1 channel really loud, and the other really quiet. Most times I can't even get the mono input to convert into a stereo output

  • @rockin-trucker Sounds strange. I'm set up with mono input and stereo output with no issues, so I'm not sure what else is at play with your particular system.