Logic Pro X/ Bias FX 2 Crash

  • After trying multiple downloads, it seems I can't get any version of Bias FX 2. I've tried deleting the "cache" as well as checking the Plug in manager and have come up with nothing. Is it the plug in? Computer is fully up to date as well as Logic being up to date. I know positive grid has been dealing with these issues since the launch. But its really frustrating. Any help would be great! 0_1573162722945_Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 3.38.04 PM.png

  • @joshuayates107

    you want open a support ticket and tell them like OSX version and any other relevant specs when you fill out the form

    Side note: I can use a crashed validation plug by ticking the little "Use" checkbox on that page you show, try it too

    good luck

  • Yes, this just started happening to me too. The plugin crash is in turn crashing Logic Pro. Standalone Bias FX 2 also crashes. I wonder if it's related to the recent Security Update 2019-006 on mid 2011 mac mini running High Sierra 10.13.6? Bias Amp 2 runs okay. I'll look at submitting support ticket.

  • Yeah. I just got a Mac Mini to take over for MB Pro 2015. Pretty much same specs as the mini in the MB Pro. Everything works perfectly in the MB Pro. Bias FX2 crashes validation in Logic. Same exact software on both machines (OS and BFX2 plugin). Standalone BFX2 works on the Mini, but not VST. Other Bias products work in the mini in Logic (Bias Amp2, Bias FX, Bias pedal). Oh, and the BFX2 VST works in Garageband. Wrote to support. Haven't heard answer back yet. Bummed....

  • logic x 10.5 new update is causing havoc with plug ins right across the board.ive got timemachine on imac and reverted to earlier version with no problems.its now all ok.im on mojave still as Catalina is now only 64 bit and not 32 bit.no more crashes.
    i also freeze tracks in logic x as i go along to save cpu.what a difference.