• Hello,
    just got BIAS FX2 and trying to setup my audio settings but facing some problems.
    So i already knew that using ASIO driver is important to reduce the latency. Thats why my PC has the Creative Sound Blaster Zx Soundcard with ASIO Driver. But when i go into audio settings in BIAS FX2 and choose "ASIO" for Audio Driver Type, "Creative SBZ Series ASIO" for Output Device and "Creative SBZ Series ASIO" for Input Device, i can choose between 44100Hz and 96000Hz but the only Audio Buffer Size available is 4800 regardless of what Sample Rate i choose. And 4800 Buffer Size ends of with a high latency. When i choose "Direct Sound" for Audio Driver Type i have tons of Buffer Sizes available, from 64 to whatever. So why cant i get lower Buffer Sizes when using ASIO Driver?. This issue occurs in both 32 and 64 bit versions.
    Really appreciate any help.

  • @cemal_yilmaz I think Creative Labs has its own control panel that you can set the buffer/latency in.

  • I have two different control programs for my soundcard but both dont have any options for sample rate/buffer size.

  • @cemal_yilmaz I would suggest opening up a different app that uses ASIO, set the SoundBlaster ASIO sample rate to 44.1 and the buffer to 256 there, then exit and load FX2 again, and select it for the ASIO input device. See if the 44.1/256 sample rate/buffer settings carry over to FX2. If so, you can further tweak the buffer down, depending on your processing power.
    If not, then perhaps re-install the SB driver.

  • A2

    Yup, or, give WASAPI a try