Using Bias Fx2 and MainStage.

  • Is there a way that I can assign MIDI Controls from MainStage to control Bias FX2 Knobs?
    Any one using this configuration that can help me out please.

    I Use MainStage and Bias Fx2 as plugin.

  • @nelsonsanruiz It is pretty easy... I use this in Mainstage with Bias all the time but it has been so long since I set it up, I cannot rememnber all the names of the forms and where the menus are in Bias... and am not sitting at my home PC right now. If no one else chimes in ping me and I will look it up.

    You can look up assigning mainstage controls on YouTube. That is where I learned most of my mainstage stuff...

    Basically it is:

    • Create a control (i.e. knob) in Mainstage
    • Assign MIDI to the Knob with the Learn feature of the Assign function
    • Click the knob and in the mappings set the knob to map to a specifc control in the VST
    • In the plguin set the the control to the parameter you want in the VST bass, treble, whatever. Not every control will be mappable in every VST.

    It sounds more complicated than it is.