Sale Prices Heavily Favor New Buyers Over Upgraders From BIAS FX 1

  • TL;DR: It costs more - sometimes more than double in total costs - to upgrade existing BIAS FX versions to BIAS FX 2 than if you're a first-time buyer of BFX2.

    Currently (11/4/2019) they're doing a 50% off sale on BIAS FX 2 with pricing of $49/$99/$149 for first-time buyers of Std/Pro/Elite or a $24/$49/$99 upgrade price for current Pro owners. (Regularly upgrades from BFX1 Pro are $99/$199 for Pro/Elite.)

    Due to some patient bargain hunting, I was able to purchase BFX1 Std. then upgrade to Pro for $100 total. Along comes BIAS FX 2 and its new Elite tier (with all the good goodies reserved to that) and the upgrade prices for Pro and Elite on top of the initial investment made the total spend equal to simply buying BFX2 for the first time. (Imagine being the sap who paid $199 for BFX1 Pro and then had to pay $199 to upgrade to BFX2 Elite only to see n00bs able to show up late and get the same Elite level now for 63% less.)

    Offering $50-$100 off the new buyer price of BFX2 to BFX1 owners has never been a really great deal, but now it's so lopsided against users who already gave PG money in favor of rookies, it's just sad. If I could just toss another $50 at PG to get Elite, it'd be "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!" time in a heartbeat, but as long as it costs more - sometimes MUCH more - to continue being a customer, well, no, not going to do that. Too bad.

    PG should treat those who've already supported them at least as equally as new customers. Just my 1/50th of a dollar.

  • I understand your frustration but I don't fully support your views,

    first I like the idea of the prices being lowered All the time not just sales and welcome all new users free cheap or whatever it takes (this promotes a healthier future development potential)

    and I may not be the longest time user but 4 years with the desktop (iOS first) and I have been able to accumulate the entire suite far under current "newbie/n00b" prices [apologies for the slang]

    I always promote patience and price comparison with bundles so here you go full disclosure $539* - 4 years total desktop suite (more than the platinum bundle has):
    0_1572965266820_Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 6.37.40 AM.png
    I circled the "Bundles" tab on the store page for those who did not understand the reference

    *NOTE: in a previous post I claimed a $1 upgrade for a bundles level but it was $10 so my mistake

    then there is iOS'sssss.......

  • @tafkad Sure, it's possible, if you're lucky and savvy, to cobble together better prices that even generous sales offer to new users, but it shouldn't requires years and hope. I just don't see them offering a $50 upgrade to Elite.

    At least it's not as utterly random and crazy as Waves prices are. Anyone who pays retail for anything is nuts and has too much money.