The Effect List seems to drop UniVibe in Bias FX 2

  • I don't see the same Univibe effect in the Bias FX 2. Does it get replaced, or does it still exist? I see other 'Vibes' listed in the Help Center, but not the one I use. I rely on it heavily and don't want to lose by upgrading. The general descriptions of things in the Bias FX promotional area doesn't go into detail on this subject. I get it - there's a lot of other stuff to promote.

    Also, will my Expansion packs automatically upgrade too, like acoustic and bass?

  • @estm8ben The Uni-Vibe is still there in FX2.


    Your expansion packs will carryover into FX2 also.

  • @Myxolydian That's for the verification!
    Rock on!!!!