Support response time

  • Are you happy with the support you're getting from Positive Grid?

    I filed a support request September 4, 2019. I got an immediate response from their computers.

    Two months later, no human being has responded. I've pinged them several times.

    As nice as their products might be, I can't see purchasing anything from them if this is the kind of support they provide.

    What's been your experience with PG support?


  • @holmberg2066 This wasn't my experience when dealing with support. I was having trouble getting the demo version going, and got responses within 24 hours.

  • I have also troubles getting my demo going. I got an immediate response and promise to get back within 24 h. Since then I've got two auto responses to come back ASAP, but I am still waiting after two and a half days.

    This is annoying since I purchased BIAS FW mobile for current rehearsals, but I just have a useless demo version. Redeem keeps on saying I have all my products installed. I have removed the app and renewed the guided process, but nothing seems to help. Only demo version available. Does anyone have any hint/solution?

  • @docti To clarify my message: I should have said in the beginning "I have troubles to activate BIAS FX from demo to purchased ultimate version.

  • @docti
    It seems that not only response time but response quality also matters. Now, after some 70 hours since my support request I have received 8 responses and one of them looks like a non-robot message. That one is suggesting me to do what I already in my request stated to have done - I repeated the action without a success. I still assume that my problem of getting my Ultimate license opened would be easy and fast to solve if somebody would just look at my message. I really hope that I could conclude my story by saying that finally I am a happy Bias user instead of opening a dispute of my Paypal purchase. This waiting and discussing with a robot is quite frustrating.

  • @docti Now, I got my problem solved. Being stuck to discussion loop with email robots for several days I filed a new support request. That was replied within 21 min, which also solved my problem. Instead of unsuccessfully using my account, I received a redeem code which allowed me to finally open the purchased Ultimate license. Thus, after frustrating days I am now a happy Bias FX user. Thanks to Mike, who quickly and simply responded. Naturally, I wonder how this very simple solution was not possible several days ago when I filed my first request.