Problem with mic placement

  • I'm experimenting with the mic options in the cab modules in FX 2 (Mac, Desktop). For a given mic, there are two ways to "move" it virtually: around the face of the cab (using the left hand side of the cab pane), and distance from the cab plus side-to-side (using the right hand side of the cab pane, looking down from above, when the "position/mixer" switch is set to "position").

    Moving the mic towards and away from the amp - changing the distance from the speaker to the amp - has the effect I expect. Not just a level difference, but different tone. So far so good. But moving the mic around on the left side of the cab pane has no effect whatsoever to my ears. There should be a pretty significant difference when the mic is at the edge of a speaker cone vs. when it's in the middle of the cone. I don't hear a bit of difference. Doesn't matter which mic or which cab. Moving the mic on the left side of the cab pane doesn't do anything.

    I've used this kind of mic/cab simulation before in another package (Amplitube), and I've done my share of miking guitar amps before, and what FX2 is doing just doesn't match what I expect.

    Am I missing something? Is there a setting I need to tweak to enable this feature?

  • @dmitch I can confirm the same behavior in the Windows desktop version. Definitely not hearing any difference moving the mics left or right of the speaker.

    Movement in this panel does nothing to the sound:


  • Hi,
    I've been using Bias FX Pro (not FX2 ) for about a year now.
    I've always thought there's minimal or no difference at all with the sound in moving the mic left or right of the speaker, just thought it was me so haven't used that function.
    Comparison to Amplitude and Kaussa the movement of mic makes a definite tonal difference.
    Any one else using Bias FX Pro have similar thoughts and those using Bias FX 2 .
    Other than certain issues which have been addressed elsewhere Bias FX is still a great amp sim.