Bias Head + Bias FX.. make it happen!!!

  • Since I bought the Bias Head for a good amount of money and the FX Software... I would highly appreciate it if these two would be merged together. It would be a killer product, on the same level as the AxeFX... I mean, I paid roundabout 1.5k €, I'd get the AX8 for that price. And that is an all in one solution... So, bring these two together, finally!

  • @maître-du-kerker This is something I'd love as well, but how would you consider implementation?

    Both Bias FX and Bias Amp function differently in terms of signal flow. Specifically, Bias Amp is a single amplifier with controls that are mapped out to Bias Head.

    Bias FX is a different beast. You have dual amp channels, so there would have to be some method of telling the head which amp the physical controls on the head would be assigned to. The signal chains don't match the head's controls either, so that would have to be taken into account.

    They could potentially allow you to fully tweak the software on your computer to get the tone you want, and then just save it to a preset, allowing you to map the head's controls from there, but I'm not really sure that's a can of worms they want to open up.

    I've thought about this quite a bit, and I don't really know what the best method of implementation would be for PG. As an end user, I don't even know what I would want, or how I would want to control it.

  • @danbieranowski would probably need to be some kind of midi foot controller with a screen + foot toggle to tell you which amp you would be editing with the buttons on the bias head.

    From what I remember of them adding reverb to the head, they said something along the lines of it not having enough power to add in many more effects without compromising on sound quality /latency (something along those lines). I don't think it was said in those words but that was what I got from it anyway.

  • @liam : yes. People need to think things through before requesting. And they need patience, especially if they're going with a certain brand.

    @Maître-du-Kerker : I think that's twice what it is in the states.... In any case, get and have what you feel you need.

  • I think saving fx loaded presets to the Head would not be too much to ask, imo. Patience may be a virtue, but...

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  • Wouldn't you prefer they work on a new amp match algorithm? The fx are the fx. Work more on getting more authentic amp tone. Catch Kemper

  • Well you know, as a lazy guy I'd like to have all in one solution, like the Ax8 from Fractal... And I would like the Bias Head to be relevant a little longer, not to be replaced by a new hardware solution. I payed some good money for that thing... 😊

  • @maître-du-kerker if you like the way it sounds, it’ll last as long as you like it. People have been playing JCM800s and 5150s and mesas and rockerverbs for decades without having fx built in because they like the way the amp sounds. So as long as your tone is doing it for you, life is good!

  • @maître-du-kerker I agree, this is a draw back IMO. I'm a big fan of amp modelling and the possibilities it offers, an all in one solution would have them competing along side with Line 6 & Fractal Audio. Even if they didn't build an amp+effects unit in one, having the ability to import a signal chain from Bias FX and apply it to a patch in bias head would be advantageous.

  • they just want you to buy their stupid pedals.

  • Means and intent are different things.

  • @brian-dress

    How are they stupid?

    Anyway, the floor unit is coming, I just can’t wait till 2019.

  • Yeah, would buy it