New User, Elite, lots of padlocks?

  • Hey all.

    I did a search for this but my Search-fu is not great so apologies if this particular question has been asked a lot. I took advantage of the great sale price PG currently have on BIAS and bought the Elite licence. However, when I go into the Pedalboard section there are still a lot of presets locked with padlocks. I've logged out/in about 5 times now and nothing changes. I'd have thought the Elite unlocked just about everything? And even if it doesn't I thought there'd have been a simple, idiot-proof, way to see HOW to unlock these items. Any suggestions?

    MacOS (Mojave), both standalone and AU versions are experiencing this issue.

  • Ah. OK. Never mind. At first when I was clicking on 'Download' nothing at all was happening. Now I get the "buy this expansion pack" popup which wasn't coming up at first. OK, mystery solved. Mostly I think.