Bias FX1 vs Bias FX2 Worth the upgrade ?

  • A question for FX2 users. I'm still using BiasFX 1 and very satisfied, but am considering upgrading to FX2. Do you guys that upgraded from 1 to 2 feel it was worth it and are you satisfied with FX2 ? Also can you run both FX1 and FX2 side by side ? I have a few patches in FX1 I'd hate to lose.

  • @musical-alchemy It depends on how you're using it, but generally there are enough new features to warrant the upgrade: looping, tuner, IR cabs, scenes etc. It has its hiccups, for sure, but overall FX2 is a better product than FX.

    You can import your patches from FX to FX2, so you don't have to worry about losing them.

  • I have stomp boxes that cost more than the upgrade. Absolutely worth it to me, so much more value... PG runs sales all the time. Just jump on one when the time is right and you have the funds.

  • yes you can run both (use the demo first before any purchase)

    I felt it is worth it, I never intended to have the full bundle but over time for me it was cheaper than you might think - always compare the bundle upgrade page with the individual package page when pricing and use sales (one of my main bundle upgrades for a level increase was $1 because of sales and bundle pricing) took me some time to buy everything - back in the day there was some early free gifts, in the end the deals come and make it much more affordable then people realize -

    sometimes a bundle (with more stuff) you may not know you are eligible for is offered cheaper then a single platform upgrade - then you can wait for the next sale and the occasional coupon to add in

    Big sales ahead end of November Dec and new years

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