Spark Amp Questions - Will it work with BT-2/4 too? Load Amps from BIAS?

  • Hi, did a preorder on this Spark thing. If it lives up to BIAS FX running on my iPod Toch over the Marshall Woburn it'll be the best thing since sliced bread and retire this setup at home soon. If, that is it can do the 2 things this one can do: Footcontroll over the BT-4 I have and load Amps crafted in BIAS.

    The only downside already mentioned is that an output to feed a beefy FRFR or mixer in the practice room would have made this a perfect rehearsal amp, too. Wel, there nmust be left some in the bag for a V II, I guess ;)

  • W.R.T Bias compatibility I'm pretty sure it's not a $200 replacement for the $1000 Bias Amp. :)

    If you look at the intro page it says it uses the Bias "engine" but it is pretty clearly limited vs the full Bias FX or Amp 2. I doubt it has the DSP power of the Bias Amp at this price point; and some of the DSP is probably dedicated to providing the 'spark' system features. So, I'd be pretty shocked if this thing could load and run Bias Amp 2 models at full quality directly.

    It would be cool if you could run both the app and FX or Amp on your phone or pad at the same time, though. Maybe that will be a possibility.

    BTW, I hope they don't shelve FX 2 on iPadOS for this. I am not super interested in learning the "chords" to a bunch of songs... the Jam feature looks great but I'm really more interested in FX2 on the iPad, personally.

    Anyway, hopefully someone from PG will provide more authoritative word on it!

  • I don't feel this would diminish the value of the larger products in any way but just something that ties Spark deeper with the PG eco system.

    The BT-4 alone runs for 200,- (or 100,- if you choose the BT-2), that's an additional investment you would have to make, no matter if we talk Head, Mini (which would be better to compare, if one wants to), Spark, or, even mobile apps. Yeah, that's right, if the even more affordable BIAS FX app does support it, why shouldn't Spark?

    Same goes for BIAS AMP integration, which would need to be purchased for 50,- and again it works for BIAS FX mobile anbd Jam Up, too.
    The bigger versions already come with the Pro version included. Substracting that value from bespoke Mini, they suddenly appear more closely priced.

    But even so they also come withe giggable power rating, phisical connection for cabinets, FX Loop and in depth tweaking of tube topology directly on the device. Matter of fact, they are serious stage and studio machines that Spark would never be able to rival leave alone replace.

  • Re Bias Amp/FX: I don’t think anyone is arguing against it being cool or desirable: but the point is I doubt it has the DSP at this price point to do it. I’d like my HX Stomp to support all the capabilities of the full Helix but it doesn’t because it’s not a Helix and does not have as much compute. Upside is it more compact, cheaper, etc. Something has to give. It would be awesome to be wrong but I doubt it. I’d expect PG considered it but probably had a price in mind. Maybe if this is a huge seller they’ll do a true Bias FX amp.

    WRT: footswitches; I would expect it to support MIDI over BT if PG has any sense.

  • @elric said in Spark Amp Questions - Will it work with BT-2/4 too? Load Amps from BIAS?:

    WRT: footswitches; I would expect it to support MIDI over BT if PG has any sense.

    Which is exactly and all that'd be required to support their own hardware and possibly create additional sales. but...
    Q: Does Spark work with a footswitch ?
    A: Spark does not work with any footswitch currently.

    "Currently" gives hope at least.

    Q: Can I export presets from BIAS FX 2 to Spark?
    A: No, you can only download or save presets via the Spark app.

    Guess this goes for BIAS Amp2 too. So, no update for me.

  • @kgrosser Wow, surprised PG didn't get this in on the first round. That is definitely a miss... but since it has Bluetooth for audio, it should potentially be something they could add with a FW update since it has the BT hardware. I agree that is a missed opportunity for the roll out but hopefully they can address it.

  • @elric bummer no support for BT-4 footswitch.

  • @rikrollins Agreed.

  • @ed-haslam
    Agreed. MIDI is essential.

  • yes, everyone wants an extra this or extra that, myself included.
    But what we have here is a Bluetooth speaker and desktop guitar amp with good enough amp sims for under 300 bucks.
    Which will have at least 2 years of o/s support. (whether that factors in the long wait we've had or not, that is the question)
    Try finding a good Bluetooth speaker alone for that price with any o/s support