FX2 won't work in Reaper

  • I bought FX2 recently but I just can't get it to work within my DAW, Reaper. I have a number of other VSTs working within Reaper quite happily but I can't get FX 2 to show up at all. I did get the standalone version of FX2 to work but that's not what I want - I need it to work within the DAW. I've reinstalled several times but it just doesn't work! Suggestions please?

  • Hi John,

    The only thing I can think of is pointing reaper to the correct VST folder. Does Bias show up in the "new" category in fx browser? If not, you may wish to clear your vst cache and rescan. I find I need to do that for Eventide plugins whenever I get a new one (which, to be fair is not that often :-) )

  • "The only thing I can think of is pointing reaper to the correct VST folder. "

    ^^it has to be that. I use it in Reaper pretty much every day.

  • A2

    What does "won't work" mean exactly. At least weekly I have piles of Bias FX2 videos in REAPER

    Fret not we WILL get this fixed!

  • @pipelineaudio Thanks guys, but I've already tried the above actions without success. When I said it won't work, I meant that Reaper just won't recognize FX2. I've tried installing it in several files that already contain working VSTs but still nothing. I've also tried (which I saw in a YouTube video) copying the .dll files to a different VST folder but that didn't work either. I'm out of ideas and I'd really like this to work!
    I've also now upgraded to FX2 Pro and added the Bass Expansion Pack. I haven't downloaded those yet as I don't want to complicate things until I have the basic FX2 working in Reaper as it should.

  • A2

    Check to see if you are installing the 32 bit or 64 bit version. Then go to options/preferences/plugins/vst and look at the paths folder

    If the name has the "x86" in it thats the 32 bit folders, without are 64 bit. be sure the actual DLL from positive grid is in there. OR point that folder path to where the dll actually is

    alt text

    alt text

    Catch me on facebook if you need realtime help....this WILL work, just gotta put the right numbers in the right boxes and sometimes thats hard to find

  • @pipelineaudio All sorted! Many thanks for your help. :-)