BT-4 on Windows

  • I really wish this would happen.

  • Don't understand why the Bluetooth connectivity is only for Apple products. Apple sucks. I own Windows and Android devices. Come on PG get with the program. Why would you make your Bias Mini amps only compatible with the biggest Nazi firm on the planet? Apple products are horrible and their company's software restrictions and forced compliance with THIER way of thinking is inexcusable. When someone spends the amount of money charged by Apple on a product they should be able to configure/arrange the item the way THEY want to. If I want FLASHPLAYER to run on MY item I should be able to do so. Apple sucks....lets see some Windows and Android Bluetooth love here.

  • A2

    I wouldn't be surprised if it works on windows thru CME WidiBud. I was able to get the iRig Blueboard going that way

  • Itune stores give a bigger % to the software company when they make stuff only for apples platform