licensing change

  • Thus is posted in the sub forum "Whats the big idea" and is directed @PG development team in hopes they can consider improving the current licensing method(s) of madness. No disrespect or anger just support for the efforts and support for the large user base looking for a smooth experience

    PLEASE give us a Positive Grid "Manager APP" or "Storefront" if you want to call it that

    One APP to RULE THEM ALL !

    thank you

    currently a reinstall of the complete bundle (stand alone + plug-ins) requires logging in so many times for each after the install it is just so funny it is sad - this would remove the need to log in so may apps to tonecloud to get them (re)activated - I mean right?

    Native Instruments
    PluginAlliance even has a model that works

    I would like to open a "single app" after my fresh OS of choice install and login that one App to get my personal licensing info for everything all in one shot (and it remembers it) - I want to be able to fetch that info on other devices even and use that info on my DAW without forcing me to go online so I can recover on the road at an instants notice*

    A manager app to check for updates, news, and license control is not much to ask and I suspect in the long run and short can save you a BUNCH OF GRIEF

    I don't know maybe it's just me who would not want to deal with the emails from unhappy folks?

    Well if anyone else wants a single manager app please say as much and get them to make it happen soon - cheers

    *even with an internet connection imagine setting up a new computer right before you need to use it and getting 99.9% of the way there only to encounter some BS on one of yor apps like the following example:
    0_1572449724843_Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 7.51.14 AM.png

  • So I am offline until next year and in doing so I have found Bias apps to be the most unprofessional apps I use now

    These are the only apps I have that do this:
    0_1574720459072_bias phone home alert.png

    This is an inspiration killer and so tired of this - if only there was as LICENSE manager app that took care of everything and then only checked when I tell it to instead of every time I load an instance of your apps I get these totally stupid messages I have to close (and in the case of tuner I have to reopen the tuner) YES I know because I am OFFLINE so why does it act like I do not know what I am doing?

    Please Positive Grid take this request seriously and up your game a little

  • @tafkad the laptop I use for live shows is exclusively offline, and I never get any prompts like that---ever.
    What are you doing that makes it show up?

  • @myxolydian I think they actually fixed it with updates (@PG thank you guys for that!!!) - now if they could remove the tonecloud login prompt when I load Bias amp 2 that would also be great because that one takes time away at the moment of inspiration as well (note this is only with the plugin and not the standalone which is also odd) this one happens online or offline
    0_1580162604518_Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 8.22.22 AM.png