Questions about stereo and mono ins and outs

  • I'd like some clarification on how BIAS FX 2 deals with stereo inputs and outputs. There's not much in the way of documentation on this - some diagrams would really help...

    One question: what exactly happens when the input is configured for stereo? I'm talking either standalone, or when used as a plugin in a stereo DAW track. Are the L and R inputs summed equally before going through the amp chain? What effects can actually process the L and R signals separately? I know for example that the basic reverb that comes with FX Standard mixes the output of the reverb with discrete dry L and R inputs. What other effects units can do this?

    ProTools lets you use a stereo effect in a mono audio track (the effect is labelled something like "BIAS FX mono/stereo"). In this case, what part of the signal chain is stereo? And what happens when you select "BIAS FX mono" as the plugin? Is any part of the signal chain stereo in that case? When and how does it get summed to mono?

    Thanks for any insight.