Bias FX2 Output Level Issue

  • Bias FX2 Pro ( output level is lower than input level (~6dB) with empty effect list. What could be the reason for this?

    alt text

  • @fox Both the cab's mixer section and the amp have volume controls; they both affect the output signal level.

  • I think maybe increasing the master volume of the amp (or mics) can also increase the master output slider.

  • @fox hi good question,
    in the clear example that fox has provided there is no "active" amp or cabinet in the signal chain, nor should there be for the question (one I have wondered myself) and the question is not looking for a workaround or a fix or anything to do with any user adjustments - the question is about: input level vs output level with a "zeroed signal chain" and why the signal path does not appear the same level at both ends - might be some visual thing or maybe a signal path emulation thing but I won't speculate too much. I guess I'll continue to wait with fox on this one for an answer from the only people who might know ... . .

  • @dmitch The effects are bypassed. Thanks.

  • @redspecial62 I understand but I think the volume drop shouldn't happen. Thanks.

  • @tafkad Hi. Thanks for the answer.
    I don't think it's a visual problem, the two signal levels should be the same. I attach two pictures that illustrate the problem.
    FX chain: Sine wave (440Hz, -6dB) -> Input level meter -> Bias FX2 -> Output level meter

    Bias FX2 OFF:
    alt text

    Bias FX2 ON:
    alt text

    Thanks in advance.

  • I sent it to PG Support (2019. 11. 18 [Nov. 18]), but there is no solution yet.