Bias Fx 2 Patch: Two slide sounds "rcr-slide 2"

  • updated for Bias Fx 2 with special design bias overdrive pedal on lead.

    search for "rcr-slide 2" on tonecloud. for the rest of my patches, search "rcr-"

    Dual purpose for slide guitar. Might want to do two "quick snaps" for this or make it into two presets. Defaults to lead tone emphasizing vocal-like mids. Loves to have the bass rolled off on the rhythm pickup, but responds well to some bite and treble as well.

    The 2nd setting is to turn off the drive and turn on the compressor for a much cleaner, ry cooder-ish sound that responds well to treble, keeps the mids vocal-like. without the compressor on the clean setting, you lose the sustain.

    The guitar I used is a quirky lo-fi single-coil hollow body with microphonic pickups, a Fender Coronado 2, so you may need to adjust and accommodate to yr guitar. Aslo, make sure your input signal peaks in the orange at full tilt, less than about -6db when playing hard will wimp out the sound a bit.

    I'll post some sounds if I get a little time.

  • @rcrath

    Here is a clip of me messing around on the coronado. First two minutes, compression, no overdrive, second two minutes, overdrive, no compression. The preset does not seem to show up in iOS, only the desktop, and it has a bespoke bias pedal in it, so you may need bias pedal to get it..