Alpha/Beta Testers?

  • A2

    Who is up for some alpha/beta testing?
    If you record amateur drummers a lot, this is for you.

    I finally have another coding team and am starting to finish a lot of the stuff I meant to do early on in REAPER, and then move on from there. Just like REAPER, the goal is to make life simpler for engineers, so you can put more energy into making the SONG sound good rather than PITA housekeeping stuff.

    I'm looking for a few people who can sign NDA/Noncompete, regularly record amateur drummers, and are opinionated enough so that we get a lot of feedback about how the products are working.

    Let me know, please share this to anyone you think it would apply to.

  • Unfortunately I do not understand neither the goal nor and the requirements.
    For me I do record our drummer, who is using an eDrum into REAPER, where I add on EZDrummer 2.