Consistency and Ease of Use Suggestions

  • I bought this instantly when I discovered it was a tweaker's dream. Being sick of endless emulations of existing amps and knowing exactly what sounds I want, this is a great approach; made for me, I thought.

    But! The interface does not support spending long periods of time tweaking my sound, even though all the tools are there to endlessly tweak my sound.

    Why? Because I need two hands to play guitar! I can't keep moving the same arm between the mouse and guitar for every single tweak or it starts to hurt in short order. MIDI implementation for ALL parameters would remedy this instantly, yet we can only assign them for the main amp controls.

    There are other inconsistencies in the UI that make things overly tedious:

    Cycling lists You had the great idea to allow clicking directly on the tubes and transformer to cycle through them; REALLY GREAT! But why not the the speakers, mics, or tone stacks (especially that long, scrolling list of tone stacks---not fun). Why not allow using the arrow keys to cycle such drop-down lists easily with my free hand, and/or even the mouse wheel? These are pretty standard features in other products.

    Knob Reset AFAICT there is no shortcut to return knobs to default position. That's a double click in most plugins, though AmpliTube foolishly made it ctrl+click so we have to take both hands of the guitar. Please don't be like them...

    Unnecessary Scrollbars The dropdowns for both Preamp and Poweramp types...why do they have scrollbars when all but the last 10 pixels or so is visible? Just make them a bit bigger and ditch the scrollbars.

    Now here's the absolute worst thing: Despite everything great about Bias Amp 2, this almost makes me want to take advantage of the 30 day return policy; what is this splash screen appearing for 5 seconds every time I open the plugin for the first time in a project? (I mean besides annoying?) I assume it's doing something online but then out of the blue I'll be asked to log into tone cloud a second or third time in the middle whatever I happen to be doing. Instant rage mode is what I call that. Please offer an offline mode where we don't have to deal with annoying interruptions like those. If that happened to me even once in a live situation, I'd never use this product again.

    A few FR's:

    1. Steal the feature from ReValver that allows you to push a button to measure input and output volume and automatically optimize those levels.
    2. Downloadable PDF user guide. You really don't?
    3. How about an Android app that doesn't do any processing, but only allows remote control of the plugin interface via phone or tablet. No one that I know of has that and it would be insanely helpful.
    4. Allow dragging switches directly to different positions (not only clicking them).

    A bug report: I'm on Win10 x64. If I do some visual tweaks to a custom panel and then store it in a Quick Snap, it doesn't actually get stored and in fact, seems to corrupt it permanently, so that becomes impossible to change or store in any fashion. I've even seen it replace the custom panels of other amps that were previously stored just by switching between them. I'm using Windows' DPI scaling of 125%, if that matters.

    Quick question about Quick Snap: how do I delete them?

    Sorry for being overly critical...I really do dig the product...the interface just needs some tweaks. Thanks for listening!