Bias fx on the iPhone

  • When is bias fx coming to the iPhone? This is something that needs to happen.

  • IMHO the Bias FX interface would not work well on the iPhone. There is not enough screen real estate. I would like to be able to load the presets on my phone but I don’t think editing would be practical.

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    tonestack was able to make it work, its a bit different but usable. I think it could work well enough to at least load and assemble the presets and pedalboard setups

  • @elric I think with the plus size phones, it should be ok. Just not interested in getting another iPad to run it since my iPad Air is a lil sluggish lately.

  • @pipelineaudio I have ToneStack, not a bad sounding app. Just can’t beat the sound I get from positive grid apps. Using JamUp at the moment on my iPhone and does pretty well.

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    If we had direct entry of parameters, which is something I think Bias desparately needs anyway, I doubt the smaller size would be a GUI issue at all

  • @lifedeath7 FWIW my first gen Air crushes it with Bias FX. You might want to reset it or similar.

    Like everyone else, I would certainly like to see some custom version of FX on the Phone... but for the selling price of the app and the development effort/resource required to develop and support an entirely different UI: don't hold your breath. It is probably a losing proposition for PG in terms of cost to benefit ratio.

    IF we are just wishing with no regard for practicality, I'd hope for a new universal PG app system with pedal, amp, and FX all integrated if I was hoping for a big new development from them. They could put that on all the platforms at once with custom UIs for various targets, and a resizable window. :wink:

  • @elric When you say reset, you mean delete app and redownload it?

    Yeah, a universal app would be awesome and super useful for those who don’t wish to purchase a newer iPad.

    I’ve also recently uploaded my presets in the cloud for when they do add the app to iPhone. 😇

  • @lifedeath7 I would try:

    Reset iPad: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    That will not delete your data but it might refresh the memory state and you may find it runs smoother. My Air has no trouble running Bias Fx and seems to run it nearly as well as my Pro. I have an original mini, which is like equivalent to the iPad 2, I think, and that genuinely struggles with FX cpu-wise.

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    The Air 1 already for some devices and soon for others will have the same issue as the Minis in this recent iOS update which makes a lot of devices (such as the iRig HD2) unusable. The iPhone 5 on up, don't have this problem (yet). The iPhone SE seems like a really powerful platform to run all of this on

  • @elric Alright, thanks, will do that.

    The Air runs well, just a lil sluggish compared to how it used to be and also now when running GarageBand, etc.

  • @pipelineaudio I have the 8plus, so no problems running a few music apps at once. Runs really smooth. I had the SE just last month and it ran with no problems as well.

  • @pipelineaudio What is this 'problem' you speak of? I am talking about the fact that the mini's CPU is significantly weaker than the Air 1's and has half the RAM. It has difficulty with heavier loaded presets because it is a much weaker system. The iRig HD2 is a fairly recent interface also. Which I have and works fine with the Air on the current version of Bias FX and iOS. The mini has always been underpowered for Bias FX and this was when it was on the current iOS.

  • I really need to see Bias FX on the iphone. I have a 7plus. The processor is just as good as an ipad. Give me a stripped ui iff you have to. Tonestack does it. I cant do any amp preset switching if im loading bias amp models as IAA. that means im limited to jamup for amp side and tonestack for fx post amp and then an IR loader all loaded into AUM to accomplish any level of good midi control.

    Give us BIAS FX on iphone dammit

  • @brian-dress haha I hear yuh. This should be their next project. Would make many users very happy I’m sure.

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    @elric I linked a bit in my article about the interfaces, IK Multimedia also weighed in and said that this one was up to Apple to fix for the most part, but its a feedback that happens if you open certain menus until you unplug and replug certain lightning devices after whatever iOS update that was. Aside from that, there is some polling that happens that can cause it (you could conceivably avoid those menus live, but the polling is unavoidable

  • @pipelineaudio did your write up include what menus those are?

  • Honestly I would prefer to run it on iPhone. It sucks auria isn't on iPhone either.

    I would rather have a small box that's locked up with interface and iPhone inside and control everything by midi anyway. If I really wanted to get real I'd map a midi controller with a bunch of rotary knobs to the amp models etc so I could control without the touch screen at all. Just the reason why everyone asks for direct input. I'd rather be able to type in 6.25 on my mid eq than try to get it correct with my finger.

    There are many ways to get this done acceptable for iPhone. Even the bias amp has a flip card screen between amp model and front panel.

    Dual signal path flip screen for bias fx. Scrolling signal chain already demonstrated in JamUp. The ui and proper workflow for bias fx on iPhone is already existent in the ecosystem so it is frankly an embarrassment that it has not already been released.

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    It was intermittent for me, I think settings and add effects menus in Bias would do it....Settings in Tonestack or the tuner window in tonestack would do it...Seems like anything that could skip the interface driver for a beat could potentially do it