Bias FX locks up during AUM Session

  • Hey guys. I most often use Bias FX Mobile inside of an AUM session. I tend to turn off cabs in Bias FX and use Rooms for Impulse Responses.

    Sometimes ill get this thing happen where i just get this constant digital tone like an alarm or something froze. It will stop and ill get guitar sound again once I open up the Bias FX screen by clicking the slot in AUM. then i can go back to aum and everyhting is cool.

    Intermittent but happens at least once per session. Any thoughts?

  • Just a though...Are you using any other apps in conjunction with Bias FX within AUM?

    I have the same unsolved issue...

  • @brian-dress what iPad model?

    I get the same issue and not using AUM - waited for someone to report this issue, happens when using bias in quantiloop and same deal if I bring the bias app into focus it stops. I have it happen when biasfx is the focused app too and same deal a little screen input and it stops. Sometimes the noise goes away on it's own rather quick, most times is like it is frozen and non stop until you make it go away. I think it has happened in stand alone mode as well but been using the pc mostly the past few months so hard to recall. It is an issue I don't see reported and is hard to recreate consistently happening when it feels like it, and on rare occasions not at all. I suspect more people run into it that are not sure what is causing this and so don't ask.

    THIS has been what I consider a hidden issue that keeps me from full on promoting the iPad version for live use - note so far once you get past the "BUZZ ALERT" it does not happen twice for me

    iPad pro 2nd gen 10"

  • I am on an iphone 7 plus using Bias FX mobile. ios 12.0.1

    I typically use Bias FX inside AUM before Rooms or Fiddlicator so I can load impulse responses.

    Yes the error occurs when I am viewing Aum screen and then when I re focus to bias fx it comes back on and then I can go back to aum screen


    This was my original post on the issue. It was never solved despite me spending ages replicating and videoing the whole thing for customer support.

    I'm on an iPad Pro 10.5"

  • @vaultnaemsae thanks for providing the link and more info - this issue really needs to be sorted out and obviously has been known for over 6 months

    considering that this would be horrible live through a PA this is something that needs to be a priority not just left on the back burner hoping that FX2 will not suffer the same issue

    @Mike @Felix has there been any investigation into this issue and is there a plan to sort this out?


  • @tafkad I had it happen yesterday twice in a session so that kinda puts to bed the whole "once you get past it youre good" theory.

  • @brian-dress good to know, and that makes it more of an issue as there is no way you could trust this live in this fashion with such an obnoxious bug looming

    everyone is so impatient about getting BFX2 for iOS when I would like to see this addressed and solved before investing in the next version

  • It's like PG are saying, "F**k you, losers! We have your money already so why should we fix our flaky app? Great marketing success!!! Soon we'll be just like IK Multimedia!!!"

    Do I sound a bit jaded? Sure I do...We buy these apps with our hard-earned money and these clowns just drop the ball again and again. Zero pride in the product; Zero indication of any intention to fix the broken products.

    The MIDI...Did I mention the MIDI sync doesn't flipping work???? How the hell are users expected to sync BPM effects? Like what is the goddam point of having BPM effects if you can't sync them? iOS users don't only use standalone apps, PG! Can you get that through your thick skulls?

    And...just in case you haven't already been ear f**ked enough by PG...has anybody else tried to use the reverb in Bias Amp iOS within a host app? It's broken but you can't take it to a repair shop cos the clowns at PG are the only ones who can fix it -- and they won't!!! How can you release an app that is so broken? How does Apple even let you get away with it???

    These are half-baked attempts at usable audio applications. At least for all the shortcomings the desktop apps basically work as described and get bugs crushed within reasonable timeframes.

    PG promises us an integrated environment where we can take your presets from the studio to the stage...what an absolute load of b*lsht!!! If PG will actually fix their faults I'll happily take all this back but I am not gonna hold my breath...These apps have been broken forever and we piss away our time trying to virtually beta test for them for free.

    Rant done. One angry user decides to never buy a PG product ever again.

  • wish i could get neural dsp on ios

  • We can dream...

  • I’m experiencing the same problem, basically I cannot use BiasFX inside AUM, I will get the audio frame loop bug 100% of the time. BiasFX is the only plugin that causes such a problem.

  • OK, now 2020, March I bought the full kit and how should I say this? It failed in the same way als described in the first post. I use AUM and Audiobus everyday for my work with synth. And I also use JamUp Pro without any problems. The horror starts during this week. Bought this app to realise a new project.

    Sound good, works bad and would fit all my needs if the buzzing sound does occurs sometimes. One per hours or so. To much! This drives me crazy. And then I found this thread. And now Apple won't let me give back this shitty software.

    60€ for a software which is unusable on stage. I love know...

    Any workarounds?

  • @hesspet still patiently waiting...