iPad BiasFX with Xsonic Xtone Pro ?

  • Hey everyone, I have a question. Right now live, I use an iPad running Bias FX through an Alesis IO Dock 2.

    It's fairly reliable, except some patches clog up the CPU & I have to take the ultra low latency off.

    My question, if anyone has tried the Xsonic Xtone is - does the CPU on the iPad get used less by connecting to the Xsonic? Where is the processing coming from? Because the thing advertises as crazy low latency and the outs are on the Xsonic Xtone, you hook up the iPad to the Xsonic via USB cable. Only thing touching the iPad is the USB cable.

    Any input would be great, thanks!

  • I've had the XTOne Pro for about a month now. I would have to test the CPU against my Sonic Port which I was using. Thinking it peaks around 30% or so on my 128K 2019 Ipad.

    I don't believe it is doing any processing. I haven't measured the latency, but it is not noticeable. MIDI controls over USB and MIDI setup a breeze. I got the TRS pedal they recommended and again setup a breeze. No issues other than the ASIO4all driver link on their website, the dialogue boxes were in Chinese.

    I have asked questions via email and always got a response next day. i hooked it up to PC just to make sure it worked, but haven't spent much time there.

    My biggest gripe is that there is only one XLR out so Vocals and guitar are on one output though two gain pots. There are two line outs but I haven' tried them yet. Camera adapter they send with lightning and USB cables so you can charge Ipad wile using if you like.

    So far, so good. Hope that helps.

  • @renosmusic Just bought the XTONE Pro and so far so good. I’ve only used Bias fx as a standalone through an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6 with no issues yet.

  • Im using Bias FX and Bias Amp 2 with Xtone. Works flawless with almost zero latency. I have mine built into my pedalboard which is running through the FX loop on a Line 6 HX Effects.