BIAS Amp Stompbox

  • I've seen all the suggestions for an FX 1/2 pedalboard all-in-one. I get why that's ambitious. How about just a pedalboard version of the Head/Rack?

    I don't see why PG shouldn't easily be able to just cram the functionality of the Mini (without the onboard class-D amp and speaker output) right into the chassis of one of the Distortion/Delay/Modulation Pro pedals without too much effort. The inclusion of an effects loop may require two DSP's/A/D's/DAC's, but it shouldn't be too complicated to arrange. Since the Mini's have send/return loops now, I'm guessing there's already a solution available now.

    I would envision the following functionality:

    • Have a set number of amp presets stored on board (just like the Mini heads)
    • Ability to store and load cab IR's with the presets
    • USB - for programming from BIAS Amp software (USB MIDI control and/or sound interface functionality would be welcome, if possible)
    • 1/4" mono Input
    • 1/4" mono output
    • 1/4" send/return loop that inserts an external signal path just before the power amp section of the emulation
    • 5-pin MIDI In and Out/Thru
    • Minimum knobs on front: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master
    • Foot Switches: Four presets in a bank, left two switches bank up, right two switches bank down
    • Hardware switch(es) and/or MIDI settings to bypass power amp and cab sections of the preset on-the-fly
    • 9/12VDC power

    Some bonus features that would be even better would be stereo send/return loops and avaliable mono/stereo balanced output. That probably starts stretching the form factor of the Pro pedal chassis, but it would be nice to have.

    Personally, I'd pay at least $300-$500 today for the ability to put my BIAS Amp plugin presets right on my pedalboard. I can easily get by without the FX effects if I can conveniently use it with my other pedals and then go direct to PA or powered FRFR. It even makes sense to market it together with the existing Pro/Twin pedals for matching rigs.