please add real bluetooth connection to Bias FX 1 and 2

  • waiting forever for this and seems not important to PG but is to some of us please add this ultra standard feature (add to both Desktop and iOS)

  • A2

    Definitely for iOS

    For desktop, any midi driver you have should be exposed to Bias FX. Here mine are for sure

  • the 'midimittr' iOS app ought to get you where you want to go.

  • @vaultnaemsae as you can clearly see in the illustration I do not need yet another app that has what Bias does not have and thus is why it is asked for (I'm not looking for a workaround) - I should only have to open Bias FX and connect - nothing else involved, cheers

  • @tafkad Given how well the work around works and how trivial it is, it's kind of hard to understand why one would get worked up about, though, TBH.

  • A2

    It often does not connect, just like IAA often doesnt connect, especially five minutes from going on stage

  • @elric trivial to you - and worked up is not the issue this is a request sub forum so what and how is your comment helpful in any way? you don't want the feature then good for you but It's like saying use a workaround to every feature request when you do it

  • The MIDI implementation could use a bit of an overhaul and adding BT access from inside the app is just one of the things that could be addressed. My main gripe is Bias FX iOS' inability to receive MIDI clock for syncing tempo based effects... but PG has said that they don't consider it an issue.

  • @vaultnaemsae and with iOS there is always potential concerns present and future with the whole audio platform so I'm sure they have their hands full trying to keep all things on track but I'd have to agree that the midi in some areas though it is maturing still has some distance to cover.

    I can't see the logic in not having such a "trivial" implementation of a main function other apps do not exclude (2 other in the original picture 1st post) and yes I know they started their idea with a proprietary hardware bluetooth foot-switch and software for it, well okay if that design could have matured because I bought the BT-4 to use with my iPad 3rd gen. 30-pin and it falls short - period. I think they know this but making a true floor designed piece of hardware is a whole other trip. It's senseless to think people won't connect what they will and making them use workarounds on a basic yet very needed connection is bad business. People might not think so but I only bought an iPad pro 2nd gen. for bias (they don't support legacy so my old iPad is old bias stuff) and when I run BFX I think it would be great if it would let me make a direct bluetooth midi connection, be nice if it remembered it as well. As for other people who maybe buy an iPad the first time just to go with this software and maybe don't know any workarounds having them go to a forum to ask looks silly when you tell them to open other guitar apps and connect. Guitar players are funny people when it comes to gear, maybe I'm wrong but it sure feels that way most times.

  • True true. If a company has the resources to build a multi-platform app like Bias FX (and let's not forget PG hardware) there's really no excuse to not address these 'minor details' that make using the app more difficult than it needs to be. Please PG, look to Yonac Tonestack for an example of a feature-laden amp/fx app.