Copy BIAS FX 2 presets between machines

  • Is there a way to move presets between two machines running BIAS FX 2 without using ToneCloud? For example suppose I have a desktop Mac in my studio where I do most of my preset editing. On a gig, I take a laptop and run BFX2 there. I want to move some presets from my desktop Mac to the laptop. I don't want to use ToneCloud for a number of reasons.

    I know I can move all of the settings en masse from one machine to another by copying the Documents/PositiveGrid/ folder....but I'm looking for something more lightweight. Just "export this one preset from machine A and import it into machine B".

    Does anyone know how to do this?


  • @dmitch lightweight A -> B without tonecloud for individual presets = no

    you can however (after making copies of the files) experiment with importing just portions of your Documents Data where you can actually find the individual presets as folders and you can find any List that stores the Banks Info [ the list can be copied and somewhat edited if you feel brave ] - I did some experiments with the iPad data before too and you can work around the "MAJOR PRESET MANAGEMENT DESIGN throughout the entire PG platform" (mentioned by many people for a long time) with some trial and error

    Here is an example of finding 1 specific preset and the 2 main files involved :
    So inside the GlobalPresets folder is the "bank.json" it will tell you what folder has what banks - in this example we are trying to locate just the preset "v-dirt x" which I know is in the bank "2019" so first I need to find the 2019 folder which is listed on the bank.json - once you locate that folder you will find inside the next file "preset.json" and this will list all the presets in that bank and show me which folder has the 1 preset I am searching for - you will find a small thumbnail picture of the preset as well as the " data midi meta" .json files that make up the preset

    the bank and preset .json files are the ones you need to edit if you want to do it by hand but you have to use the proper structures in your edits (characters, spacing etc) - you can not fully edit out stuff from my experience (been a while) like I don't think you can remove the factory banks still (yet...)

    good luck!

  • Alternative: If they are both macs and you have iCloud sharing enabled, store the presets in iCloud and both machines will automatically share the same presets/banks automatically. Zero effort.