Remember tone cloud login!!!!

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    Please for the love of all that's holy


    THis is a NIGHTMARE to run in front of people

    Please remember the login, this is do not pass go go straight to jail nonsense, seriously

  • @pipelineaudio this needs to be a seamless and transparent part of the user experience but from day one the licensing model has been a total joke and is still my #1 dislike - @PG if you are so damn worried about copy protection go pace OR some "one time online" shit yielding a Permanent local file that WE MANAGE [preferred method] - using an "online log-in" to determine license is total rubbish (once established the license information should remain part of my install not something I have to go get multiple times - my Waves and NI apps do not lose license info, in fact none do except PG apps "occasionally" )

    Are we supposed to trust this platform in any live situation? when too many times we open our the app to find the our license needs to be re-established - so we need to let little bias phone home again to see if it is okay to play with us bad people - what about the situation where we don't have a net connection? or do not want one? yes some of us still live like that at times

    A license to run crap is all we get for our money, we don't even own ANY software - as such how about we get a licensing model that just works for our money? this does not seem like too much to ask

    my mesa-boogies always worked right out of the box and they never needed to phone home, none of my amps ever did - remember it's Gear Modeling and Who buys [licenses] your products in this absolute niche market, it will serve you well

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    This is a big reason why REAPER is honorware.

    When we were still in the early stages, one of our friends was broadcasting a very big golf tournament in Arizona and 8 minutes before airtime, the license monster popped up and refused to let him use his daw or a certain plug, not too sure I remember which. It was sunday, no one to call, just screwed.

    He ended up borrowing a Zoom portable recorder from someone and just did the broadcast on that, minus nearly everything he really needed to work.

    That kind of terror is always on the front of my mind. If this sort of thing happened live with Bias, holy crap was bad enough yesterday when I was showing a prospective studio client a mix and here comes the license monster

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