BLE midi interface supported?

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    Im trying to connect BIAS FX2 to a midi pedal board thats using midi over BLE (Bluetooth). I can see the CC messages when using a MIDI monitor, but BIAS FX2 will not allow me to select the controller. If I use a USB MIDI interface BIAS FX2 allows me to select the USB interface and all is good. But I want to use the BLE interface. Any suggestions?

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    If this is for ipad, I had to use midimtr to get my bluetooth modded fcb1010 to work with bias fx well. On the desktop it worked fine, and even better with cme widibud

  • @biasfx
    you have this in Desktop - I assume that you are using the standalone - are you windows or mac?

    If you are getting midi into your hardware device (mac or pc) you need to check the "Audio Settings" tab in BiasFX settings* to find any available Midi Controllers and enable them there - if they do not show up there then your system is not viewing and reporting your midi controller as an option to BiasFX

    *please refer to this picture

    iPad would be a little different but easy fix if that is your platform

  • You nee to specify what hardware you are using. On the Mac and iPad, both work great but there are a couple of steps.

    For the iPad you need to use midimttr as @pipelineaudio said.

    For the Mac, on some devices I need to open audo-midi settings open the midi view click the 'Blue tooth' icon and scan/connect the device. Others pair without user intervention.

    Once you have verified that the device is paired to your computing platform, set the Bias device as others have stated.
    I dunno about the PC.

  • Yeah Im using Bias Fx2 on a PC.
    If I connect my FCB1010 via a USB midi interface, I can select that in the Fx2 Audio Settings and everything works.
    But I have another pedal board that connects via BLE. I can use a midi monitor (MIDIberry from the Windows Store for example) on my PC and connect to either the USB or BLE interface and both work. The BLE pedal board sends CC messages all day long via BLE into my Windows PC. Fx2 will simply not list the BLE interface as an option.
    MIDI BLE has been native to Windows 10 for a long time now - I just assumed that any Midi program would detect the interface as though it were just any other interface. Maybe not.

  • @biasfx I don't know why that's happening, but a good workaround solution is to get a MIDI translator like this. You can get the Pro version if you need more than MIDI message to MIDI message translations, but the product would be very sound for what you need to do. The app works as an effective relay between your hardware and software.

  • @myxolydian
    ok - well I tried that translator. Same exact deal. Does not detect the MIDI BLE interface.
    Im wondering now if MIDI BLE is only available to UWP apps and not "desktop" apps - will have to investigate further. This seems like its not a Bias FX2 issue....

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    Midiberry works okish with bias fx as a plugin, sort of

    I ended up buying CME widibud and holy crap its amazing, super fast, no freezes, no lag.Ill make sure it works in standalone in a bit

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    on another note, PG REALLY needs to fix this forum software so we can see which subforum we are in!

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    OK, testing this live on video at

    And on the pipelineaudio youtube channel, lets see