Unknown amp types in ToneCloud downloads

  • I'm a newbie here, and am pretty confused about some of the things I'm seeing when I download from ToneCloud. I have FX 2, Standard, on Mac. When I use ToneCloud, I specify "Available download only" for "Preset View Setting". I see presets that use amps I've never heard of and are not listed in any PG docs - either for FX or for Amp. There's one preset called "[MSZ] SRV Little Lamb" (which sounds pretty nice) and uses an amp called "Hendrix Amp". I can't find that amp anywhere on any PG docs. I understand that amps custom made in BIAS Amp can be downloaded (by me) from ToneCloud but "you can't edit the amp in BIAS Amp, or use it on other patch that you made yourself in BIAS FX 2, if you don't have a BIAS Amp license." (per a PG FAQ). I can modify the settings on that amp and save the result to another (modified) patch just fine. So, where does this "Hendrix Amp" come from? Why isn't it listed on any PG docs for any of their products? Can I use it, or not?

    Also what does it mean when a preset on ToneCloud has a lock icon right after its name? I can't download it...but I asked ToneCloud to only show me downloads that are available to me. What's going on here? I can see it , but it's locked and I can't download it? Why?


    This image shows both some patches with that Hendrix Amp, my Preset View setting, and some patches with locks.

  • Bias FX presets can have user amps imported from Bias Amp. So LOTS of presets will have new or custom amps.

    If the preset contains FX or amps from any plugin packs that you buy from PG and you don't own the license for the add-on pack you will be locked out of using the content you do not own. Ex. Stuff like the acoustic add-on pack or the Celestion cabs in Elite or what have you.