Send Amp To Bias AMP from Bias FX?

  • A2

    I think i figured how to do this on the iOS version, but there's an amp in Bias FX Desktop " Modded MK II c+" that I'd love to edit in Bias Amp, but I can't figure out how

  • I don't have BIAS FX Desktop, but I imagine you could upload the preset from your desktop to ToneCloud, then download it onto your iPad. From there, you can work within iOS and do all your edits there.

  • When you save the amp in Bias Amp it should show up the next time the FX app starts under the ‘Bias Amp’ submenu when you are selecting amps.

    Sometimes I have to restart one of them or relogin to tonecloud to make it recognize the new list. It’s mostly automatic, though.

  • @elric : he means the other way. You can't.

    @pipelineaudio : it's strange that AMP doesn't have all the same amps as FX. Like Bias PEDAL has a bunch of weird-ass TS pedals, but not the one in FX I use. So I don't bother with PEDAL.