Stupid latency question

  • Afternoon all,

    First post since installing so hello to all!

    My setup is as follows:
    Scarlett Solo 2nd gen
    Bias FX 2 software running on windows 10.

    Sorry for my first post to be something which many people seem to post about however I couldn't find the info I needed to resolve my issue as follows.
    I'm obviously doing something really stupid as no matter what I try I can't get the latency to an acceptable level.
    As I'm completely new to this, I am basically trying to use the system to play guitar straight through the Scarlett solo, into my PC via USB and am expecting sound to come out my speakers as I would usually expect the usual windows sounds to.
    If I do this, the latency is pretty poor. I have followed all the advise to optimise things but still having no job.

    I think my main issue is that if I select ASIO as my audio driver type, it automatically selects the Focusrite USB as my output device when obviously I want my's a shame because I can see the output volume display in line with my playing so I think this resolves the latency issue...I just can't get any sound from my speakers.

    Sorry for the above rambling and I'm sure this is something really daft I'm doing but I just can't work it out!!

    Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer!


  • @adgerrard Your Focusrite USB is the ASIO device, and it has its own audio outputs, separate from the computer's audio outputs.
    If you're not going to be using the Focusrite USB audio outputs, then you'd be selecting Windows Audio in Audio Settings>Audio Driver Type. That's why you're getting a latency issue. If possible, you can try lowering the Audio Buffer Size and find the sweet spot between acceptable latency and clean audio performance.

    If you plug speakers into the one of the Focusrite USB's audio outputs, then you can use the ASIO driver and get much better latency.

  • Do you have low latency selected in settings?

  • A2

    We're finally moving to some future, there is a SLIGHT chance that thru WASAPI you will be able to use the focusrite for inputs and your onboard speakers as outputs

    This will probably require some research, but we are finally moving towards that direction YAY!!!

    Theres another chance that you can send your focusrite output into the onboard soundcard's line input and then use the "record what you hear" to send out your speakers

    But your best bet of course is to plug your focusrite's output into some speakers

  • This is my settings:



    I have to plug my out speaker through my focusrite output behind. the device. So if you have optical output, you have to change the driver to ASIO instead of Focusrite ASIO..