Here I can Discuss some less known tips for home aquarium fishkeepers.

  • If your hobby is fishkeeping then you might research how your aquarium is perfect. Here I can describe some basic tips which I gathered from Fisharoma to keep the tank in perfect condition.

    Temperature: This is the most important things which you need to perfectly maintain.
    Need to research which temperature is perfect for your aquarium and your fish. If your fish need temperature above room then need to water heater to maintain the aquarium temperature perfect.

    Filtration: Filtration is one of the most valuable things which you will need to maintain.
    Weekly 30% water changes are recommended to keep nitrate at safe level.
    The bacteria needed for filtration takes about a month to settle on the filter naturally.
    There are many different types of filter media that are used inside the filters.((activated carbon, foam, bio-balls, etc.))
    Always clean your filter media with water you removed from the tank.

    This few steps makes your aquarium perfect,however more steps still need to know which you can find my next post.