Help! Unable to Change Scenes or Presets BFX2 using MPK mini as controller in Ableton 10.1

  • Hello! I am hoping someone can assist. The title says most of it. I can get the MPK mini to control knobs and stuff in BFX2, but am banging my head against the wall trying to get it to do anything more "global" like go to the next preset or scene, or pull up the tuner. Appreciate any pointers or help anyone can offer.



  • @melbornemoon I have the same issue. Have been searching for weeks.

  • @melbornemoon @pastordavid there is a midi menu for scenes with the settings to get it to work (you have to dig a little to get to it) - presets you set them via the preset menu, click to open the presets menu like you want to change to a different preset, then mouse over and find an edit button for each preset where you set the midi settings for that preset to match what PC change you send from any controller you set up - both take a bit of looking to figure out - not sure about the tuner since I have never tried to access it by midi but seems like it might be in the midi menu's as well where you can find scenes settings, explore every inch of the midi menus as they have sub-menus and that is where scenes are