Reinstalled Bias Amp on iPad to fix a connectivity problem, and now all custom amps are gone.

  • I was having a connectivity issue within my Bias Amp app on my iPad. The PG support guy told me to try re-installing the app, but didn't mention that would wipe ALL my custom amps! (Over a year's worth of tone cloud searching, and personal tweaking.) Does anyone know if all those custom amps I had accumulated can be recovered somehow?

  • Not unless you backed up your previous installation, or have a manual backup of the C directory files. There might be a folder there called BIAS_AMP_BACKUP and a string of numbers. Might be something in there.

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    Would really be nice to have a true offline way of storing these sorts of things

    I usually dropbox my configs of certain plugs and DAW settings to myself every once in a while

  • @pipelineaudio said in Reinstalled Bias Amp on iPad to fix a connectivity problem, and now all custom amps are gone.:

    Would really be nice to have a true offline way of storing these sorts of things

    Personally, I would prefer the word "essential" instead of "nice".

  • @swede One would think PG would have told you about losing your presets before they had you delete the app. You might have learned this the hard way.

  • @lifedeath7 : whether they cautioned to back up his installation, in this day many take it for granted it will happen. Civilians still need to know about file structure. My curiosity enabled me to.

  • @tannhauser Yes, without it doubt, ALWAYS back up your stuff. For the person not familiar with this though, would be a nice tip.

  • @lifedeath7 : caution one has - or has not.

  • I think perhaps I was misunderstood. This happened on my iOS iPad version of Bias Amp. There is no C directory of backups. It seems to me, unless I'm mistaken, the ONLY way I could have backed everything up (well over a hundred custom amps) would have been to upload each amp individually to the tone cloud. Personally, I think that is ridiculous. Like someone mentioned, if uploading things to the tone cloud is the only way to backup your iOS Bias stuff, then there should be a batch upload feature, and yes, the ability to mark uploads as private/only for your use. I don't know about you guys, but I'm never done fiddling with a preset, and don't want to share things that are works-in-progress...

  • So... Positive Grid... if you're listening:

    We need:

    1. A cross-platform real-time sync feature for those of us with multiple platform versions of the different Bias programs. Maybe a sync that only copies whatever presets are missing between our different platforms of each Bias program (Amp, FX, Pedal, etc.). We can delete the duplicates ourselves, manually.

    2. A batch upload/delete feature.

    3. Tone Cloud upload privacy settings for each upload (public/private).

    4. This one is kind of off the subject... But, for the love of GOD, put a little polish on your sorting methods.
      a) For starters, make the scroller not a slightly lighter shade of black, and make it a little bigger. The black on black makes it hard to grab the little guy.
      b) Create an auto-sort. With one click, allow us to alphabetize a whole bank of presets. Probably add a 'sort by download date' and a 'sort by last-modified date' too.

    These 4 items would double my pleasure with your product.

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    I'm hoping for at least an import export of presets to a file that could be stored or emailed or whatever. I tell you, I'm constantly doing more academic than musical experiments between the desktop and the iPad and it is pain pain pain

    For REAPER, for instance, you can import and export your key prefs and actions pretty easily. I could see something like this for your presets and amps and pedals.

  • @pipelineaudio You hit the nail right on the head; I too feel like I'm spend way more time experimenting between the desktop and iOS versions, trying to make everything gel, than playing. It's not fun.

  • Heck, every time I step into my studio, I feel like I spend about 80-100% of my time block just updating Amp, FX, and Pedal ... or sliding down the tone cloud rabbit hole, but that's my own fault.

  • Ipad, right. I think the system directory for Apple is X, though I can imagine the Ipad OS to be different, and locked like Android.....