Setting Up Channel Strip in Logic Pro X

  • Hi All,

    I just installed Bias FX 2 and the only way I can hear the audio unit through the channel strip is through input monitoring but it’s like a double signal through pre-recording, and recording (not playback) and it’s really affecting my takes.

    It’s basically the clean tone you hear (direct) without input monitoring on, and when input monitoring is on, you hear the direct signal on top of the Bias signal.

    Does this make sense? Did I not setup the channel strip correctly (mono)?

    Thanks in advance and please advise!

  • @onedoneson
    If you are hearing the clean coming through as well, then sometimes on the interface, you may need to select the proper pad, plus or minus, line or mic. I had to play with mine because the same thing was happening, and then of course you want the input level on your device just before peeking and then adjust in the DAW.

    If in your DAW you input monitoring has changed from how you had it setup with other software, while you have BIAS FX 2 loaded, then might be some switching with Logic that needs to change. Have not played with logic, but should be no reason why that should be happening, unless you are new to Logic and recording, then someone where a long the line something could have been over looked.

    Try messing with your interface first for proper signal, then make sure you have the proper monitoring or recording selected in the DAW.