New Update - BIAS FX 2 v2.1.4.4785 is Now Released

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    Hi All,

    BIAS FX 2 v2.1.4.4785 is now available on the download page,

    In this update, we've improved the overall performance such as CPU performance, loading time...etc., along with several bug fixes.

    You can also find the release note here.

    Please give it a try and let us know what you think!


  • It does seem an improvement. The bug in the looper which exists when an overdub is undone - but comes back when starting a new overdub

  • so far so good for me. One suggestion... a little light that shows when BFX2 is ready for midi input (red --> green) would be helpful.

  • Two trivial feature requests for a future version:

    • Allow the user to turn the metronome in the looper on/off after the initial recording. I use the looper as a practice tool, and often want to solo over backing material that -- while in-time -- doesn't have a rhythmic component. Think long sustained chords.

    • Remember the state of the tuner MUTE button, and return it to that state whenever the tuner is opened. I like to hear the guitar while I'm tuning, and it's irritating to have to unmute the thing every time I re-open it.

  • Chaning guitar match profiles with MIDI would be a nice future feature

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    Installing it now. So far 3 minutes in before it will let me hit "next" after "computing space requirements"

    Seven minutes total to get to the next screen

    Eleven minutes total for the install on my PC

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    @pipelineaudio Please try to manually uninstall FX2 first before reinstalling if possible, thanks

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    The IR loader is still using a WHOPPING 13 - 14% Realtime CPU!
    alt text

    Compared to NADIR at 1.2%
    alt text

    Baseline for Bias FX2 without the IR loader, 4.9%
    alt text

    Please get the IR loader to mellow out a bit!

  • Both Standalone and AU / VST versions of the new update installed quickly on MacBook Air running Mojave but standalone version crashes immediately on opening.
    Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still can't get the standalone version to open.

    Any suggestions?

    Both run successfully on iMac running High Sierra.

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    @steve-church Please send us a ticket here for the follow up, thank you

  • @mike Just sent a ticket.

  • I have the same problem. Installed the update from 26 august 2019 on a clean Mojave install. Bias FX 2 was literally the first program I installed on my MBP mid 2012. Before this it always worked on my Mac.

    Kind regards.

    Mike from PG helped me solve the problem. On Mojave I needed to disable ICloud sync with desktop and document folder. After that, everything is working like it always did. Thanks for your help Mike!

  • Crash on Asio audio setting. W10.

  • @sergio-sala said in New Update - BIAS FX 2 v2.1.4.4785 is Now Released:

    Crash on Asio audio setting. W10.

    Sorry sorry sorry. New pc. I forgot the asio drivers.

  • I put the update through its paces last night. Overall impressions are as follows...

    1. install is a bit long.. but that is not a problem... gives me time to get a beer and relax
    2. the dsp engine sounds good. My choruses are lusher? or fuller? regardless, things sound s little better to me
    3. no midi crashes... although I am dying to know why it takes 20 sec for BFX2 to accept midi (without crashing... ) but that is me being a pain in the butt
    4. I still don't understand the scenes (i could be dense here). I think they just confuse me. So PG... hows about a youtube tutorial on setting up and using them?
      Overall a good product. I have no real complaints.

  • @davyconaert The Bias FX 2 vst also crashes. I use it with Ableton Live 10 Standard. When in Ableton I select the Bias vst, Ableton crashes and of course shuts down. Since I can not run FX2 standalone and VST, I installed my old copy of Bias FX standalone on my Mojave system. This still runs fine. I hope there will be a quick solution for the crashes with FX 2.

  • @sergio-sala If its focusrite 3.2.1 asio driver you using, try roll back to focusrite 2.4.5 driver. Had this bug with driver after I updated windows 10 with this really big may 2019 update, so had to roll that driver back, its called 1903 windows update. Nothing with Bias fx2 new update as it also crashed in reaper and other places where asio was used.

    Or else Bias Fx2 newest update work fine on my computer.

  • @pipelineaudio Would it fair to compare Nadir? You still have some more chain inside Bias fx2 than the in on the nadir, if I'm not wrong. Not used Nadir to much, so correct me I'm wrong.

    If you look at Archetype its not to much better on the rt cpu usage. I tried to duplicate the chain as similar as possible between them. I wish they had a min and max and average stats on that performance meter in Reaper daw. I tried to screenshot the most average stats I could manage.

    Bias Fx2 had 11.3% RT CPU...
    0_1566947172710_Bias fx2 rt cpu.jpg

    Archetype Plini had 24.9% RT CPU...
    0_1566947190254_Archetype rt cpu.jpg

    Anyway, while Archetype feel somehow lighter, Bias Fx2 seams to have been much lighter after the update, that also been experiencing when we now first load up Bias Fx2.

    I'm on windows 10, with the spring 1903 update installed on my windows. Also using focusrite 6i6 second gen.

    I also wish Positive Grid would give us a screen size something in between 125% and 175%. On the 175% you cant see the lower settings where the guitar match and input volume in Bias Fx2 are present.

    I also feel that that Celestions packs seems much nicer sounding, and I feel the differences much more between them. I have not tested Bias Fx2 to much after the update as I got problems with that windows 2019 spring update. It had nothing to do with Bias Fx2, but windows 10 and massive change. Windows 10 update tok forever to. Spring update was a very big update. I could waited a little longer before I went on that rout with the big 2019 windows 10 spring update, its called 1903 update.

  • Just wanted to say thanks to Mike at PG for his excellent support on getting my new update working on Mojave.

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    @powershot-x said in New Update - BIAS FX 2 v2.1.4.4785 is Now Released:

    @pipelineaudio Would it fair to compare Nadir? You still have some more chain inside Bias fx2 than the in on the nadir, if I'm not wrong. Not used Nadir to much, so correct me I'm wrong.

    I showed on the baseline test the difference in Bias FX with and without the IR loader, so yes, its completely fair.

    Archetype looks like some sort of amp loader.

    I could compare with something like the Audio Assault stuff, but that, like Ignite, was done in WDL so I'm betting it will be similar, and I know previous tests I did with that were similar