"Fine Tune" improvement

  • Great app! I've bought it right now and testing with Garageband.
    It's working pretty good as inter-app instrument in Garageband :-)

    I have a little suggestion too:
    Please add „mute” or ”volume” option for each element of drum kits at „fine tune” screen place in „song editor” section.
    This will be helpful for better adjust any part of drum line.!

    ...sorry for my english...

  • @Mark-Bether We'll take a look at refining the Fine-tune feature with the UX team. Although volume control for each individual drums/crymbals can be found in the Drum kit page, I agree that a volume control at the Fine-tune screen can be intuitive and provide a more well-rounded experience in editing drum grooves. Is there anything else you would to add to X Drummer?