MIDI out FROM Bias FX iOS?

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    Some questions came up about using Bias FX on a iPhone or iPad as the FX for the Bias Head and Bias Mini hardware.

    I'm assuming Bias Head has MIDI thru of some sort, but if we are using our wireless MIDI pedals, we'd need a way to get from the iPad to the Bias Head.

    I see that there are some iOS audio interfaces with MIDI that should do this from the hardware end, but what about the software/ Can Bias do this? I think we needed to use some third party app to get wireless to work with Bias ( https://apps.apple.com/us/app/midimittr/id925495245 ), unless they fixed that now. Maybe you could run Tonestack if Tonestack can send MIDI out?

  • The image I searched of Bias Head's rear panel has MIDI In, Out and Thru and an effects loop. If I understand correctly, you mean to send MIDI (wireless) from your controller to both Bias Head and the iOS device simultaneously while also inserting the iOS device in the FX Loop of the head. This should be possible.

    I don't think you need any special MIDI routing software. Simply switch 'Enable MIDI Control' to ON in Bias FX 'Settings' and all detected MIDI devices should be available to Bias FX. If you want deeper control you'll need something like the 'MidiFire' app to route stuff.

    You'll need an interface that does both audio/MIDI or some tricky dongle/CCK play. IK does a small iRig device (iRig Pro?) that does audio/MIDI. Also, iConnectivity do several devices that work quite well despite the company's attitude of abandonment towards their products. There are plenty of others but these come to mind now.

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    I need a way to send MIDI out from the iphone to Bias Head's MIDI in. Its easy to get bluetooth wireless to the ipad, not so easy to get any wireless to Bias Head, so Ill need to send midi from the midi in bluetooth to the hardware midi out. iRig Duo has the audio and the MIDI, but I'm not sure if midimttr can Thru the midi in to the hardware midi out

  • Connect your interface to the iOS device. Open Midimittr and connect your wireless device. Choose your wireless device as a source and BIAS FX and the interface as the destinations. I'd almost bet my left teste that this will work.

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    If that works that would end a lot of the stuff people are always asking for from PG. (I'd still just love to see a Bias FX Head, rack or pedalboard but this would do.

  • @vaultnaemsae FWIW I have a bunch of wireless Bluetooth MIDI interfaces and they all work great with iOS using midimttr.

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    @elric said in MIDI out FROM Bias FX iOS?:

    @vaultnaemsae FWIW I have a bunch of wireless Bluetooth MIDI interfaces and they all work great with iOS using midimttr.

    But are you able to Thru the MIDI you recieve to a MIDI hardware out?

  • @pipelineaudio I just tested this and can verify that it 100% works.

    Once the wireless controller connects with iOS it is received in Bias FX without any actual configuration (other than making sure to activate 'Enable MIDI Control').

    However, if you want 'MIDI Thru' to your HW device you must select the input source (the wireless controller) and the source (the MIDI interface that connects to your HW) as the destination in Midimittr.

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    Man that is awesome news for Bias Head users!